ID: 399
Sandwich Wrappers

Spain, reus 2018

Every day thousands of bits of foil are thrown away after children have their snack at school, which means that yearly, the amount of waste generated is unbelievable. We as adults are remarkably careless with these wrappers and we are far from being a good example for our children sustainable-wise. There exist alternatives that would make a huge difference: reusable wrappers. This initiative has the aim of raising awareness among parents and children about the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. Different groups of children and young people participated in a series of workshops where they made their own reusable wrappers (as a hand-craft sewing activity) and they will later on tell their friends at school about how they did it and the reasons why they think it is important to reduce our waste by small personal actions. First, the participants did some brainstorming on what they know about the environment, the carbon footprint and different ways of contributing positively to it. Then, the idea of the sandwich wrapper was presented and they shared opinions in an open discussion about why is it so important to use reusable materials in our daily activities. Finally, they hand-made the wrappers themselves.

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