ID: 402

Spain, Reus 2018

Most of the people are familiar with climate change but are not really aware of their own carbon footprint. For example, if they use the car, they think that the only carbon they release comes from the engine, without taking into consideration the energy needed to extract the oil from underground, the pollution caused by transportation and refinery, the final delivery to the local petrol station or the CO2 released by manufacturing the car. In order to raise awareness among English students about this fact, a series of activities have been organized. In the first place, the students did some brainstorming of what they knew about the topic, then they watched a short video about the carbon footprint While watching the video, the teacher clarified the doubts related to vocabulary. After that, the students answered some questions about the topic, for example what they think they can do to reduce their personal carbon footprint or if they think it is possible that individual people do something or only big companies or politicians can solve this problem. In general, students were vey interested in the topic and contributed many interesting ideas on how to reduce their carbon footprint.

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