ID: 468
Outdoor activity: cleaning-up forests and picking-up rubbish

Spain, Solivella 2018

In Solivella, a small village in the province of Tarragona, there has been organised an activity from 3rd to 17th July 2018 where twenty-four young people were carrying out cleaning tasks in an area declared of cultural interest and found in a very deteriorated and damaged state. After an introductory session to the Carbon Conversation groups organised in our local town, some young people decided to join this outdoor project in collaboration with the Department of Young people, Work and Social Affairs and the Foundation Josep Carol. For some days, the participants were involved in cleaning-up tasks and were picking-up all the litter and rubbish that people had been dropping in the area. The activity was followed up by some reflection sessions where the participants were able to share how they felt about the need to raise awareness in our society to prevent situations like this to happen again.

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