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Eco-campaign "Food footprint”

Lithuania, Vilnius 2018
Vilnius Vocational Education and Training Centre of Technology and Business together with Knowledge Code (VsI “Ziniu kodas) organised eco-campaign “Food footprint” on 11th October 2018.

During the event participants found out more about the food footprint – from production, packaging, transporting and to processing - 4 stages, which every product has to pass before getting on . our table and what carbon footprint leaves in every stage. Also, the participants had a chance to share apples, which have the lowest level of CO2 emission as Lithuania is the country where is plenty of apples, many families have their garden, so there’s even surplus in many of them. During the event, participants discovered many new things about that they never thought about. Hopefully, participants will keep a promise to eat more local food, especially those grown up in their gardens to reduce carbon emissions.

Vilnius Vocational Education and Training Cen

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