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Lithuania, Vilnius 2018
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and Innovation Office (Lithuania) together with partners from Greece and Italy submitted Erasmus+ strategic partnership project "TOWARDS TO UPCYCLING" for Exchange of Good Practices on deadline of 15 February 2018.

The Europe 2020 Strategy is the Commission's strategy for smart, inclusive and sustainable growth. The Commission actively supports businesses, administrations and consumers so that together, we can turn the Union into a resource-efficient, green, and competitive low-carbon economy. This project seeks to address these challenges by exploring all the factors above & developing practical, youth-friendly solutions towards a stronger & more equitable service by capturing, nurturing & capitalising on young people entrepreneurial spirits. Entrepreneurship comes in many forms and different roles: it is a tool to develop talent and to stimulate innovation, it includes business skills, generating ideas, development of new products etc. In our Project, we want to introduce young people to entrepreneurial skills through the product development process, focusing on eco-friendly behaviour. Erasmus+ project "Towards To Upcycling" is experience sharing project combining fields of ecology and entrepreneurship. Project partners from Italy, Cyprus and Lithuania are selected very carefully with various different core competencies and experiences. The overall objective is not only to raise the awareness among the participating young people about ecological correlations in the sense of the core ideas of growth-critical environmental education (Reduce, Reuse, Reskill, Repair, Upcycle, Recycle), but also find creative ways to use gained knowledge and experience for entrepreneurship activities. Erasmus+ youth strategic partnership project "Towards To Upcycling" aims as follows: - Strengthening youth workers' competencies in eco-entrepreneurship field; - Sharing experience with partners and stakeholders, closer collaboration with local and international organisations, networking; - Strengthening society's awareness of environmental issues related with waste management. Many project events will be open to society. Detailed reports of experience sharing, blog, eco-community platform, set of upcycling ideas will be available and access free on the project website. While preparing for the project partners have discussed the most common environmental issues in each participating country. In addition, each partner organization in some way was involved in ecology-related activities or initiatives. This way - during intensive discussions - the main ecological idea and tasks of the project were decided.

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

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