ID: 505
Ecology lesson “Take care of nature!”

Lithuania, Vilnius 2019
Vilnius ,,Rytas” Progymnasium (Vilniaus ,,Ryto” progimnazija) together with Knowledge Code (VsI ,,Ziniu kodas”) organized ecology lesson “Take care of Nature!” on 16th of January 2019.

The ecology lesson was organized for the first-grade students of Vilnius ,,Rytas” Progymnasium. The aim of the ecological initiative was to explain to children how we can protect our environment and nature. In the first part of the lesson the participants were divided into groups and received eco-game cards. The game inspired conversation among students and the following techniques were briefly discussed: electricity saving and renewable energy, paper recycling, ways of using old clothes, waste sorting to recycling containers and collecting your garbage. The students were very active and told what they already knew about ecology. They also shared their ideas how else we can protect nature besides the solutions which were offered in the game cards. The second part of the lesson was drawing. Children painted the most memorable parts from the ecological game. Waste sorting theme and recycle containers dominated in the drawings. Students tried to remember container types and wrote “Paper”, “Glass” and “Plastic” near the respective bins on their drawings. During this ecological lesson students were taught the importance of environmental protection while playing an ecological game and drawing pictures.

Vilnius ,,Rytas” Progymnasium

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