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Lithuania, Ariogala 2019
Hiking community “Old Shoes” (zygeiviu bendruomene ,,Nudrengti Batai”) together with Knowledge Code (VsI ,,Ziniu kodas”) organized ecology initiative “Hike alongside Dubysa river” on 26th of January 2019.

Hiking is not only a summer activity, it can also be fun on winter as well. The main goal of this ecology initiative was to show the participants that we can find peace in nature during winter as well. Despite the cold weather conditions more than 20 participants have gathered in Ariogala city for the start of the hike. The route was quite difficult and the participants mostly climbed up and down the hillside. The area was completely covered in snow, that’s why participants had to closely follow each other to create the new trail. During the hike, participants visited the legendary Gediminas poles, climbed up the Bazavale mound and reached Kalniskes holy source. During the breaks hikers danced traditional dances to keep warm. The majority of the group was connected to ecology and biology in some way and the hike inspired some deep discussions about environmental issues. Leader of the hike had asked participants to be careful and not to break tree branches while hiking. In addition, participants were encouraged to reach Ariogala by bus and this way avoid driving a car in order to reduce pollution. The final distance of the hike was a bit more than 10 kilometers. Therefore, the hike was a good way for a relaxation, spending more time in nature, visiting a beautiful Lithuanian region and communicating with people, who are also interested in environmental protection.

Hiking community “Old Shoes” (zygeiviu bendruomene ,,Nudrengti Batai”)

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