ID: 509
Eco-Campaign “Eco-Friendly Ways to Travel”

Lithuania, Kaunas 2019
,,EWG” (UAB ,,EWG”) together with Knowledge Code (VsI ,,Ziniu kodas”) organized ecology initiative “Eco-Friendly Ways to Travel” on 16th of February 2019.

The ecology initiative was attended by the company employees and their friends. The initiative was focused to reduce carbon emission on employees' travel. For this reason, participants were invited to play a Carbon Conversations game of travel in order to understand the reasons and consequences of traveling. The cards and the game board were divided into three themes: policy changes, smart travel, and lifestyle changes. Most of the discussions inspired by the game were about the activities of the authorities and their possible impact on greener transport in our country. Electromobiles and their positive impact were mentioned frequently as one of the hopes for the future. Participants also shared their own experience of environmentally-friendly ways to travel, such as lift-sharing and using a bicycle or public transport for transportation. This way people can not only save money but also reduce air pollution, traffic and carbon emissions.

Exclusive Wood Group (EWG)

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