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Lithuania, Visaginas 2019
Students from Visaginas Technology and Business Vocational Education and Training Centre (Visagino technologijos ir verslo profesinio mokymo centras) together with Knowledge Code (VsI ,,Ziniu kodas”) organized ecology initiative #Trashtag on 25th of June 2019.

The #Trashtag ecology initiative took place in Visaginas city. The aim of the initiative was to encourage students to pick up trash in order to reduce the amount of waste in their city and the surrounding environment. Tools for picking up trash, such as gloves and trash bags, were distributed by the initiative organizers. The initiative was divided into two parts: 1) in the morning the participants went to pick up trash and clean-up around the school and kindergarten in the city, 2) in the evening the participants went to pick up trash at the shore of a beautiful Visaginas lake, which is surrounded by pine forests. While picking up trash the participants started a conversation about environmental issues caused by the mismanaged trash and the importance of picking up the trash. One of the expressed concerns was that picking up trash is only popular during the clean-up action “DAROM 2019”, which is being organized only once in a year. According to the participants, clean-up actions should be organized more often among the members of the community, in the neighborhood, schools, and enterprises. At the end of the initiative, 9 trash bags were collected with the rubbish from the environment. During the initiative a lot of glass bottles were found, for this reason, the participants decided to properly dispose of them by separately throwing them into a glass recycling bin.

Visaginas Technology and Business Vocational

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