ID: 527

Lithuania, Vilnius 2019
On 14th of March ecology initiative "EcoFashion" (,,Ekomada”) took place in Vilnius “Santara” Gymnasium (Vilniaus ,,Santaros” gimnazija).

The ecology initiative “EcoFashion” invited 5-10 grade students to create and present clothing made only from recycled or recyclable materials. The aim of this initiative was to encourage students to take an interest in ecology and also to show them how important are creativity skills in finding solutions to environmental issues, such as consumerism and littering. The event was organized by Vilnius “Santara” Gymnasium 10th grade students. With the help of teachers, classmates and organizers - the Vilnius Centre of Non-formal Education and Volunteering and Clean-Up Action “We Do” - the idea to make a secondary raw fashion show became reality. All the participants did a great work in creating interesting and unique designs for ecological clothing. Finally, everyone was invited to an amazing presentation - the fashion show of the students - models and had the chance to see the final costumes made from secondary raw and recycling materials. At the end of the “EcoFashion” show the winners of the event were announced and awarded.

Vilnius “Santara” Gymnasium

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