ID: 535

Spain, Nambroca 2018
Reducing the environmental impact of the activities of the summer short course "ActionXChange"

This intervention took place during the preparation and delivery of the short course that UWC runs every year. The course lasts two weeks, and in that period, participants from over 20 countries had the opportunity to undertake a number of sustainability related-activities, including several sessions to reflect on the current state of environmental problems and what solution there might be to these. Amongst the practical actions, these were the most relevant: • Substituted the use of snacks for fruit and nuts, which has a positive impact by reducing the need for land to grow cattle.
• Included more vegetarian options in the menu.
• There was an emphasis on the need to reduce food waste and earing only what is necessary.
• All participants recycled all disposed of materials appropriately during the duration of the course.
• The organisation avoided the use of paper almost entirely – including evaluators' dossiers and diplomas of participation.
• All participants were asked to bring their own water bottle.
• Participants had the opportunity to check out water and electricity meters as a way to understand their water and electricity consumption - being aware of this consumption is understood to have a positive impact on saving these resources. The activities undertaken in this short course will be continued in future, annual editions of the short course.

Cristina Santamaría

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