ID: 538
Environmental Sustainability Workshop at 'Together for Development' short course

Swaziland, Mbabane 2017
Series of workshops on the topic of environmental sustainability during the short chouse 'Together for Development'.

TSE created content for the 'Environment and Sustainability Day' of the 'Together for Development' course. The content included some of the materials developed during the 'A Tale of Two Futures' project. Participants also chance the chance to play the Carbon Conversations games for the topics of home energy, travel and food. The content of this day-long workshop focused on topics such as 'climate justice' and a 'carbon-neutral' world. Participants had the opportunity to play other games and reflect on home energy use, sustainable food systems, sustainable transport, consumption, waste and recycling through games such as the 'spectrum line' where people align themselves along an imaginary line depending on their degree of agreement regarding a given statement.

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