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Lithuania, Tytuvenai 2019
Hiking community “Old Shoes” with the support of the participants organized ecology initiative “Trails around Tytuvenai” on 11th of August 2019.

During this ecology action, more than 60 participants have gathered in Tytuvenai city to start the hike. The duration of the hike was 7 hours. The participants visited both Gilius and Bridvaišio lakes, Tytuvenai Manor and observation tower. In order to make this action more environmentally friendly, participants shared information on the Facebook event page the time and city from where they are leaving with cars. This way the cars, used to get to Tytuvenai, were full. It is worth mentioning, that the majority of hikers traveled to the city meeting place by bus or train and by doing that they reduced their Carbon Footprint for the day. A discussion emerged among participants about ecological ways to travel and environmentally friendly activities. Participants agreed that summer is the best season to spend time in nature and organize activities outside the city and far away from the technologies. In addition, participants were invited to learn national songs, hiking hymn and traditional Lithuanian dances, these activities made the hike even more interesting and fun way to spend free time.

Hiking community “Old Shoes”

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