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Lithuania, Puckoriai 2019
Hiking community “Old Shoes” with the support of the participants organized ecology initiative “Pushku pushku across Puckoriai” on 17th of March 2019.

The hike was organized especially for the start of the spring. During this ecology, action participants had the chance to visit a lot of beautiful places in nature, such as Pavilniai regional park, Rokantiškes castle hill, Puckoriai mound, Leoniškes water mill, and Puckoriai exposure. The participants reached the meeting place by bus, no one chose to drive a car. The hike was a meaningful start of the spring - during this event, the participants discussed environmental issues and possible solutions. “What could be done while spending time in nature to help decrease our negative Carbon Footprints?”, that was the question. One of the ideas was to make the rules of the hike, one of the rules would be to bring a trash bag with you in order to pick up trash during the hike because a lot of waste could be seen in the forest and fields after the end of winter. In addition, the participants were aware of the “Fridays for Future start” in Vilnius, some of the organizers were participating in the hike as well. This way, more people were invited to come to the “Fridays for Future” event.

Hiking community “Old Shoes”

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